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Get in the best shape of your life with my custom personal fitness training and nutrition guidance programs. Get fit with me, Kerry Wolf, a NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) certified personal trainer with a Master’s Degree in Education. Convenient, effective, and affordable personal training with flexible scheduling in your own home.

Get started by contacting me today at 610-506-7672 or send me an email for your free 1 hour Personal Training and weight-loss Consultation.

Kerry Wolf - Personal Trainer

Why Hire a Personal Trainer?

  • It keeps you accountable. If you pay money and make a commitment to a trainer, chances are you will not miss your workout!
  • results in a shorter amount of time than on your own!
  • It keeps you motivated!
  • It assures proper form for maximal results and injury prevention!
  • It makes your workouts fun and effective!

Learn more about my training philosophy.

Personal Training Services

  • Weight-Loss and Toning

    This is achieved through a holistic approach which includes dietary, core, cardiovascular, strength, flexibility, and balance training.

  • Personal Training

    Fitness assessment including: physiology, performance, and strength assessments. Demonstrating and teaching proper exercises and form. Strength, cardio, flexibility, core, and balance training. Tracking results and setting new goals. TRX Suspension Training.

  • Nutrition

    Comprehensive nutrition assessment and counseling. On going diet advise using the latest technology in nutrition.

  • A Unique Program

    I care about your results! I take pride in guiding you through the training process so that you will reach your health and fitness goals. My approach is not "one size fits all". Your nutrition and training program is based on your goals, level of experience, needs, and lifestyle. I respond to your needs by giving you on going diet and training advise using the latest technology in nutrition and exercise.

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    Fun and Effective Fitness Equipment

    Many people ask me what fitness equipment is needed for an effective home workout. All you really need is a mat and your own body weight, but a few small, inexpensive items are nice to have as well. Dumbbells are my most used fitness tools and can be easily stacked away in a corner of […]

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